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Our app helps you stay connected to your child’s early learning experience, with real-time updates so you never miss a thing.

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We’re proud to give every parent at Billybear Preschool an opportunity to see and experience more of their child’s day, no matter where they are. Kinder m8 is a secure app that provides real-time updates on your child, from what they ate and how long they slept, to how often their nappy was changed and what time they took their medication. You’ll also see what learning outcomes they achieved and what activities they enjoyed. Every precious moment is captured, so you don’t miss a thing.

Kinder m8 features beautiful journals and a newsfeed with observations, photos, videos and stories that are updated by our educators throughout the day. You won’t need to wait until the end of the week to see what activities your child participated in, or what milestones they achieved. Simply log in and see it all, as it happens.Each update is added to your personalised newsfeed, making it easy to scroll through your child’s day and like or comment as you go.

Kinder m8 is safe, secure and easy to use. Simply download the mobile app or log in on your desktop with the username and password provided by your Centre Director. We’re committed to the privacy of all children at Billybear, which is why photos and videos of your child are only visible to you and the parents of other children in the photo or video.You can also download forms and policies, provide fast feedback to your Centre Director and receive notifications and reminders straight to your email, Apple or Android device.

Kinder m8 is a valuable addition to the face-to-face interaction we have with you and your child. It gives you a chance to engage with your child’s educators and other families, while making sure our team spends less time on administration and more time nurturing the children in our care.

Key Features

  • A secure log in supported by strong privacy and confidentiality policies.
  • A mobile app that lets you connect to your child anywhere, at any time.
  • Photos, videos, stories and live streaming of activities and events.
  • Daily charts that give you a detailed picture of your child’s day.
  • Journals and observations, so you can witness your child’s key milestones.
  • A newsfeed of activities and upcoming events, so you stay connected.
  • Instant updates in real time, with email notifications for incident reports.
  • Easy access to forms, policies and feedback to the Centre Director.

To register for our Kinder m8 app, talk to your Centre Director or contact us for more information.

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